Birthday wishes for daughter

Birthday wishes for daughter

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My pricey daughter, you might be so particular to me. Congratulations since you achieved what you need to be. Through the years, thanks for being an excellent daughter to me. I love you!

As my daughter, you might be so pricey to me, you might be so particular to me and you’re a reward from above. Thank you for listening to my phrases as a result of as your mum or dad, I solely need what’s the finest for you.

Daughters are like the dreams that never end. When you wake up in the morning, you have a deja vu that they are right next you and when you go to bed, you have a smile on your face because you know you’re going to see them. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

I see a little more of me in you with each passing year.

Daughters are like sugar. Too much of them will make the taste of life even better, but too little of them will make life tasteless. You make our life worth living dear daughter. Happy Birthday.

A daughter like you is a gift from God.

Although we hate to see you going away from us as you grow up, out truest wish for you is that you should explore the world, dream beyond your imagination, meet different people and figure out what life is all about. On this note, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

When you were 5, you were our toddler and when you were 15, you were out best friend. From the age 25 onwards, you’ve become our companion, our caretaker and the only person who has always watched out for us. Thanks for being the best daughter ever. Happy Birthday!

When we were down and out, you brought smiles on our faces with your innocent giggle, when we were making wrong decisions, you stood in front of us to remind us that we were going too far and today when we’re in the sunset of our lives, you’ve once again come into our lives to give us support. You are everything for us, dear daughter. Happy Birthday.

You are a gracious person, with a good heart. You care, not because you need to, but because you want to. May God bless you. Happy Birthday.
You are a gracious person, with a good heart. You care, not because you need to, but because you want to. May God bless you. Happy Birthday.

You had me from the minute I felt you kick before I ever even saw your face. Joy resonated from the inside out and you may my heart glad. I still feel that way about you, Daughter. May your birthday be as special as all of the wonderful gifts and moments that I’ve had because of you! Happy Birthday!

I don’t really like spending your birthday away from you, but that’s life and I’ve grown to accept it. But, there’s one thing for sure, you never have to worry about me forgetting it! It was an amazing day in your life and mine and I am grateful for it too. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes For A Special Day For You!

To Our Special Daughter…You are everything to both of us and we have always tried to give you the best. We know that life is not always perfect, but we always taught you to take the good and learn from the rest. Happy Birthday and best wishes, too! You’re a wonderful daughter and we love you!

For parents, the second biggest joy in life after the birth of their child, is celebrating his or her Birthday. We don’t have enough words to tell you what a wonderful daughter you’ve been and how proud you’ve made us all these years. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday dear daughter.

There’s nothing more sweet and gratifying in life than celebrating an angel’s Birthday. And that angel, my dear daughter, is you! Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Raising a wonderful daughter like you has not only been the joy of our lives but also our reason to live. May you continue giving happiness to the lives of everyone you know. Happy Birthday dear daughter.
Happy Birthday to our pride and joy.

You have given us a greater sense of self and purpose. You are a rare and priceless gem. Happy birthday.

It doesn’t matter how old and mature you turn today, we have to carry out the ceremony of crowning you the Birthday Princess! Happy Birthday dear daughter.

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