How to make a parchment cone

How to make a parchment cone

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Parchment cones are easy to make and come in handy when you do not want to wash out pastry bag or don’t have one handy.

I always use a parchment cone,for example,when decorating  with melted  chocolate.

  1. Start with a triangle cut  from parchment paper.You should have two equal shorter sides and one longer side.The center of the long edge will form the point of the cone.
  2. Hold the triangle with the long side along the top.
  3. Take the top right corner and fold it down toward the left,curling it under itself and pulling it back toward the left,curling it under itself and pulling it back toward the right ,until the corner meets up with the point opposite  the center of the long side (See photo 1)
  4. Take the last extended  corner and wrap it around the entire outside of the cone so that it meets up with the first two corners.Jiggle back and forth so that the fit is perfect and the point is tight. (See photo 2 )
  5. Fold the section with the three corners outward to secure (See photo 3.)The cone is ready to fill.


Never overfill the cone.Fill it up about halfway,then fold the open edge over itself several times to make a seal.Snip off the point with sharp scissors.For most chocolate work you need  only a tiny opening; make a large opening prior to filling to use with tips.
Discard the cone when you are finished.

parchment cone 1parchment cone 2parchment cone 3


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